Infrastructure Plan & Visa Management

This visa was only introduced recently, and allows investors over the age of 55 to reside in the UAE. However, terms and conditions do apply.

The process of gaining a UAE residency visa

The process of gaining a UAE residency visa differs, depending on which type of visa you choose (we can advise). The steps below illustrate typical routes towards obtaining one

Apply for an entry permit

This first stage can either be carried out while you’re in the UAE, or in another country.

Arrive in Dubai

Arrive in Dubai to activate entry permit – or perform in country status change if in UAE already

Medical test and ID

Once you’ve been given your entry permit, you’ll be asked to undergo a medical test, and apply for your UAE ID.

Submission of documents

Next, you’ll need to gather the relevant documents and submit them to the immigration department.

Passport stamp

Once all the documents have been reviewed and approved, your passport will be stamped with your residency visa.