Things to know before visiting Zanzibar

Zanzibar a partly self-governing state in Tanzania; it’s not an independent country. The archipelago was once the separate state of Zanzibar, which united with Tanganyika to form the United Republic of Tanzania. Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous within the union, with its own government.

  • Food

Food may not be your major reason for visiting this city, but what goes into your stomach can greatly impact your overall experience. Not only is Zanzibar a melting pot of diverse cultures, it is also a city that buzzes with delicious cuisines. So, if you love to try new meals, Zanzibar’s food culture will dazzle you with its rich blend of European, Indian, Middle Eastern and Portuguese influences.

So, expect popular delicacies like Biryani, Pilau rice, Octopus Curry, Urojo, Mandazi and the famous Zanzibar Pizza. If you enjoy the smacking feel of meat snacks, go for a few brochettes of Mishkaki.

  • Salutations and Language

In Zanzibar, I must warn you, greetings matter a great deal. Yes, it’s important to say hello when you come across locals. If you are already used to the mind-your-business attitude that abounds in major cities like Lagos, you may need to adopt a friendlier approach to the way you relate to people in this city. The reason is that local people in Zanzibar are very warm to strangers, and generally like to acknowledge your presence.

You will have to learn to say a few “Jambos” and “mambos” to locals. And for the elders, it’s advisable to use “shikambo” which shows respect, and you will be amazed how the locals appreciate that.

  • Special spot for honeymooners

Zanzibar is a city burning with romance – whether for couples who want to ignite the flames of their love story or newly-weds just discovering the amazing power of passion. So, if you have just said “I do” before the world, make your romance story a bit more idyllic, a bit more magical with a stay in one of the exotic resorts in Zanzibar.

For beach lovers, consider spending a few days at the famous Langi Langi Beach Bungalows seated at the heart of the beautiful Island of Zanzibar. It offers a clear view of the Indian Ocean and a myriad of deep sea fishing and diving opportunities.

  • Cheap vacation packages

The question on your mind would be is Zanzibar expensive?  One of the major things to know before you travel to this amazing city is that you don’t have to break the banks to have your dream vacation here. Unlike most destinations that cost an arm and a leg, you can enjoy a budget getaway in this archipelago. For a start, consider some of these cheap vacations in Zanzibar.

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Reasons To Live And Work In Bahrain

Bahrain is he second best option to Dubai, for someone looking for a country to live, work, and earn well. Bahrain is the most desirable country in the world for different nationalities to live in, due to the coexistence of people in an atmosphere of security and tranquility that makes the Kingdom an incubator for all. If you are still thinking about taking the decision of moving to and living in Bahrain in the future, we will give you some assistance to help you settle this issue by displaying unquestionably and convincing reasons to make you live in Gulf’s pearl.

  • Finding residency is easy

Let’s start first with humans’ most basic need, which is shelter. The residential options found in the Kingdom of Bahrain are divergent, diverse, and overall, accessible to meet the demands of all social sectors.

Prices for renting apartments in the Bahraini kingdom are among the cheapest among all other GCC states; sales prices also are convenient.

Moreover, the Bahrain government has opened the door for foreign real estate investors to purchase properties in what is known as freehold areas.

  • Amazing Job opportunities

A person working in Bahrain typically earns around 1,480 BHD ($3,936 )per month. Salaries range from 370 BHD ($984) (lowest average) to 6,600 BHD($17,553) (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers.

  • Low cost of living

Living in Bahrain is affordable; to find out more about the detailed main costs you might think of, check an article on the cost of living in Bahrain.

The government subsidies all substantial commodities to be affordable for all people including gas, meat, and others. The cost of basic services like electricity, water, and the internet is also relatively low to make the services accessible to everyone.

  • Modern State

In another respect, building and construction activities are taking place in full swing all around the kingdom to improve infrastructure, enhance the quality of services offered, and extended the road network.

The change happening in Bahrain’s real estate landscape became evident. Towers are rising side by side in the central areas, also work is developing on sea reclamation projects like Diyar Al Muharraq islands and other similar developments.

Bahrain tops the list of countries that foreigners prefer to live in, not only due to its high salary rate but also due to a variety of other factors that affect people’s lives positively, such as its lifestyle, its privileged location, the mild weather, and its friendly people. Many expats also see the opportunity to find work in Bahrain, in addition to the ability to balance personal life and work. Numerous statistics have proven that Bahrain is one of the best countries for expats to work and live in.

  • Taxes would not affect your salary

There is no income tax system as is the case in other countries. However, the government recently introduced a “Social Insurance Tax”, which is just 1% of your gross salary during 12 months of work.

  • Friendly Community

You will never walk alone in Manama, it’s very easy to find friends. The community is very warm and caring, there are also many activities to do with family members and friends like venturing out in the desert to have a fine grill and sit down around a fire, going to the beach, hitting malls, and many others.

You will feel real compassion from the heartwarming conversations in these gatherings, people really care about each other. The small island is a quintessential mixing pot where many nationalities live peacefully together with nothing to differentiate between them.

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Cape Town has something for everyone – and every experience has a uniqueness about it… I suggest having a traditional lunch at an “off the beaten track” Cape wine estate, and if you’re feeling fit, climb the 1087 metre high Table Mountain, take the cable car down, and then have a famously sweet koeksister to replenish your energy!


with its lovely beaches and pounding waves making for some great surfing, Mossel Bay is a great city to visit if you love the outdoors. From here, you can enjoy the soft sands, hike along the coast, or even go skydiving if you feel like it. While the town itself is quite unattractive due to its industrial sprawl, the range of things to see and do and the laidback vibe make it a great stop off point when you’re traveling along the Garden Route.


  • Johannesburg

With around ten million residents, Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and is the economic heart of sub-Saharan Africa. Tellingly, however, almost half of the population live in townships such as the famous Soweto.

For a revealing and eye-opening look into South Africa´s tragic past, the Apartheid Museum is a must, and there are many other great museums to visit. While the city does have its issues and its massive sprawl can be a bit overwhelming, it is a surprisingly welcoming place; its infectious energy will encourage you to keep exploring all of the great shopping, sporting spectacles and vibrant urban culture.

Johannesburg image

  • Durban

The third largest city in South Africa is a bustling place, thanks in part to its gigantic port – the largest in Africa. Much has changed in recent decades – the end of apartheid saw the city welcome many nearby Kwa-Zulu residents, who now make Durban one of the most African cities in the country. In addition to this, its huge Indian population also gives it an Asian flair, as demonstrated by the streets, markets and restaurants which you´ll come across.

Lying on the Indian Ocean coast, Durban has a picturesque harbor as well as a lovely waterfront lining the expansive public beaches that many Jo´burgers come to enjoy. Although there is a slightly gritty feel to the city due to the port, recent developments have seen Durban much improved and even better to visit than before.

Durban image

  • Kimberley

Located amidst the Diamond Fields, Kimberley is where de Beers started out, and the city will forever be associated with these glittering gems. Visit the Big Hole and the accompanying recreated mining settlement to step back into the past and experience how Kimberley used to be. Located in the Northern Cape, it has some great museums and fine old buildings which are steeped in history, as well as a scattering of decent hotels and restaurants.


5 countries that are visa-free for Nigerian passport holders

  • Haiti

An island located in the Caribbean bordered by Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Cuba and Bahamas. Haiti is the most mountainous nation in the Caribbean. The country has a tropical climate with two rainy seasons. Its white sand beaches and mountainous scenery make it attractive for tourists. Haitians speak two main languages ; French and Haitian creole. Its capital Port-au-Prince is the largest city. You can stay up to 90 days in Haiti as a Nigerian passport holder.

  • Barbados
Barbados image

A leading tourist vacation in the Caribbean with sky blue waters. Its capital city; Bridgetown, consists of one third of its population. For an exciting adventure here, go on the Atlantic submarine to enjoy a nice view of the underwater life and take a tour of the island to enjoy its scenic views. Visit the museums to get a peek into the history of this Caribbean nation In addition, you can treat yourself to Cou-Cou and flying fish to get a true taste of Caribbean food. The official language of Barbados is English. Nigerian passport holders require no visa to visit this country and can stay for up to 180 days.

  • Dominica

Located between Martinique and Guadeloupe. Dominica has a few beaches but its mountains, freshwater lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, and diving spots make it an attractive holiday destination. Its capital city is Roseau. The Caribbean Island’s volcanic nature has attracted a lot of scuba divers. English is the main language of the island although, Dominican creole is largely spoken. Saltfish and bakes (fried dough) are a staple in Dominica. You can visit this country and stay for up to 180 days.

  • St. kitts and Nevis

Made up of two islands separated by 3 kilometers, these islands are surrounded by the crystal clear Caribbean waters. The people of St. Kitts and Nevis are known to be very warm to tourists. Adventure lovers can rent a bike and go mountain biking. Visit the museums to learn more about their rich heritage. The two main languages spoken are English and Saint Kitts creole. Treat your taste buds to Conch fritters, which is basically conch meat fried in seasoned batter. Pelau also gives you a real taste of the islands. A mixture of everything delicious about the island’s cuisine. Itis made up of pig tail, beef and all kinds of meat. It also contains rice, pigeon peas and a variety of vegetables. Nigerian passport holders can stay here for up to 90 days.

  • Fiji

A group of over 300 islands, made of gorgeous pristine islands. These islands are located in the Southwest pacific. You’re spoilt for choice as almost every island has resorts that cater too different tastes. The languages spoken are Fiji, English and Fiji Hindi. Fijian culture is very vibrant and its a huge part of the people’s life. Go snorkeling in the Mamanuca Islands or spend sometime treating yourself to luxury stay in Qaalito Islands’ private resort. Explore historical artifacts in the Fiji museum and have fun at the Sigatoka sand dunes. In Fiji Island, you can stay up to 120 days.

Update on the UAE Emirates ID 

Do you know your UAE Emirates ID card can now serve as your UAE resident visa? Usually, the Emirates ID is applied separately from the visa and takes a whole new process to acquire.

However, this change effectively reduces the number of steps required to issue or renew one’s residency documents. With this, residence visa and Emirates ID can be renewed within a single application, as opposed to two separate processes as is the case now. This will be applicable for residency documents issued after April 11.

Expatriates in the UAE, including prospective visa applicants, will soon no longer require residency visas to be stamped on their passports.

Airlines will be able to verify residency through residents’ Emirates ID and passport numbers.

The move aims to upgrade the services offered to the people in the country and is based on a Cabinet resolution issued earlier this year.