German parliament reforms skilled work immigration law

The German parliament recently approved legislation on Friday, June 23 that will provide many refugees already present in the nation with new employment chances as well as job seekers from outside the EU.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser of the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) said, “This draft law secures prosperity in Germany,” though she added that it would only be effective if the administrative roadblocks were removed during its implementation.

The largest opposition group, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Christian Social Union (CSU) combination, which leans conservative, supported several of the government’s proposals while criticizing the idea of lowering the requirements for hiring foreign workers. Plans to lessen the level of German language proficiency required, according to Andrea Lindholz of the CSU, would simply promote unskilled labor.

The Free Democratic Party (FDP), which represents the neoliberal wing of the three-party coalition that governs Germany, highlighted the economic advantages they expect the new law to have. Konstantin Kuhle of the FDP argued that it was absurd that entering the asylum system in Germany today was simpler than entering the labor force. “With this law, we’re changing that,”

The new “Opportunity Card”

A new “opportunity card” and its related points system, which permits foreigners who do not yet have a job lined up to come to Germany for a year to find employment, are key new innovations under the bill. A professional certification or college degree will be required in order to be granted a card.

Integrating refugees

Those who submitted their applications for asylum before March 29, 2023, are currently waiting for a decision, have the necessary skills and a job offer, and will be allowed to work in the labor force. They might then enroll in vocational training thanks to this.

Recognition of degrees

If skilled immigrants can demonstrate that they have at least two years of professional experience and a degree that is state-recognized in their place of origin, they will no longer be required to have their degrees acknowledged in Germany.

Citizenship law reform

The law on skilled immigration is a component of Scholz’s administration’s effort to equitably treat foreigners living in Germany. The sizable Turkish minority in Germany is especially happy about a new citizenship rule that will make it simpler for persons to have dual citizenship from non-EU nations.

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